Stimulate Haircare strives to develop products that are effective yet safe for the most delicate hair. We focus less on the quick fix and more on the overall, long term, health of our customers' hair. Rest assured, all of our products are always responsibly sourced, ethically created and never tested on animals. 

Suitable for all hair types, but designed with 4 hair type in mind, Stimulate Haircare is ready to make its mark on you, as well as the world. 



In 2009, Bre became a new natural.  As most new naturals, Bre struggled trying to find a balance for her hair.  Bre’s hair lacked moisture, and it did not retain much length for years. To avoid the constant battle, Bre turned to wigs, and the wigs became her “pride and joy.”  During her use of wigs, Bre began to create her own version of extra strength growth to combat her struggles, and thus the inception of Stimulate Haircare.  


After almost a decade of research and development, Bre created many variations of her extra strength growth oil, but it was not until late 2018, she finally found the formula that actually worked for her high porosity, kinky coily hair.  Bre shared samples among her family members, and those family members reached back out wanting more! With great feedback and high praises, Bre knew this was something that was needed in the natural hair community, and she proceeded to develop a brand.  That brand is now known as Stimulate Haircare.